Business Partners

What better way to make a difference in your community than to partner with Leander ISD and its campuses? We strive to create and foster partnerships with private, public, not-for-profit and faith-based communities to promote student academic achievement and create safe environments. Below are a few ways to be involved!
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Volunteer Program
Volunteers assist on Leander ISD campuses in a variety of ways. More than 10,850 volunteers contributed their time and energy for our students last year. Contact: Shannon Lombardo at 512-570-0029. Reactivate your application or sign up today!

Student Mentoring Program
Mentors provide a positive role model to students in grades K - 8th through one-on-one relationships, meeting at least 30 minutes a week on campus throughout the school year. Contact: Shannon Lombardo at 512-570-0029.

Leadership Leander ISD
A small, select group of community members have the opportunity to take part in an interactive, in-depth 9-month learning experience about LISD. The program gives a “behind the scenes” look at district goals, operations, programs and services and our culture of success. Contact: Shannon Lombardo at 512-570-0029.

Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF)
LEEF supports LISD students and staff through three program initiatives, including Early Literacy Outreach, Classroom Enrichment Grants and Teacher Training, and need-based textbook scholarships for LISD/ACC Dual Enrollment students. LEEF is funded through inpidual and corporate donations. To learn more, or make a donation, visit the LEEF website.

Career Development Programs
Partners work with district and high school Transition Coordinators to provide real-world experiences for students that demonstrate the connections between post-secondary education and high school work through various opportunities. Contact: Camille Clay at 512-570-0228.

Sponsorship Opportunities
In our efforts to continue offering partnership opportunities with local businesses and organizations, LISD has numerous sponsorship opportunities to put you in front of the right audience to meet your needs. Our sponsorship needs come in all shapes and sizes. Let us know how you can help! Contact Jennifer Bailey at 512-570-0025.

Staff Perks
Leander ISD is dedicated to partnering with our business community to offer discounts, incentives or perks for our staff. LISD's Staff Perks program helps us recognize staff within our district while building stronger relationships with our community and local businesses. Contact: Laura Weiss at 512-570-0030.

Information for our Local Businesses
More and more companies are offering “free” tokens (such as calendars) to the schools. These companies sell advertising, often totaling thousands of dollars, and they provide the school with a nominal product that contains the advertiser’s name. LISD DOES NOT permit such marketing schemes. The advertising dollars are kept by the vendor and DO NOT benefit the school. Please DO NOT spend your valuable marketing dollars on such companies. To check on any proposed fundraiser, check with our business services office at 570-0052.

Student Learning

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