Booster Clubs and Fundraisers

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The Leander ISD Booster Club Guidelines were created to assist Booster Clubs by providing useful information for operating within our school district.

Only approved organizations, operating under booster guidelines and Leander Independent School District policy and procedure, shall be allowed to use the school name and/or facilities in support of its programs.

All booster organizations must have district approval and register their organization with the Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations. The necessary forms are found within the LISD Booster Club Guidelines booklet. Specific questions regarding booster activity should be addressed to the campus principal.

PTA/Booster Fundraising Permission Request

PTA/Booster Multiple Fundraiser Request Form

Booster Club Guidelines Training Presentation

Booster Club Office Contact Information

Fundraiser Information
Leander ISD appreciates the incredible support our students receive from our businesses and community. PTA's, booster clubs and school groups look to fundraisers to help provide additional resources to support student activities. At the same time, LISD does not want to saturate our patrons with too many fundraisers. All fundraisers are approved centrally, not only to help limit the number of fundraisers, but also to be sure that Leander ISD's name is not used by an unapproved business or group. Please feel free to check with us at 512-570-0404 before you donate funds to any group claiming to support LISD programs.

Elementary After-School Student Activity Guidelines
In order to be a school-sponsored after-school activity, a certified district employee must be in charge of the activity and appropriate space must be available. If these conditions cannot be met, the activity may be referred to the School Community Relations Department for consideration as an outside of school activity.

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