Technology Help

Having issues with LaunchPad, Zoom, Seesaw, Google Classroom, and More? Check out this website for helpful instructions.

You can email for district owned Chromebook issues or call 512-570-0566. You can also submit a Let’s Talk ticket. They are responding as quickly as possible. Please provide the students FULL Name, ID and school when submitting a Let’s Talk ticket.

Powerwashing Chromebooks 2/10/2021

There have been a few issues with some Chromebooks not able to connect to iStation. It really just takes a few minutes to powerwash, which can be done to fix issues with Chromebooks anytime. Powerwashing can fix all kinds of problems, even problems that SEEM like hardware issues such as staticky mics and blurry cameras. It’s always a good first step when troubleshooting.

For powerwashing directions, click HERE to view a short video tutorial.