Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Safety is our number one priority at Naumann. One of our goals is to create a safe environment for our children during the entire day including entering and exiting the building. Beginning the first day of school we will implement these guidelines:


We want to work closely with parents to ensure students are properly supervised and maximize their learning each day.

● Doors open to the school at 7:10 each morning. There are no adults on duty to supervise your children before this time.

● Starting at 7:10, all visitors must check in at the front desk following district protocol. All parents must exit the building before the bell to start instruction at 7:30.

● Car Riders - Before 2:35 pm parents of only PreK & Kinder students may pull up in the car rider lane. For all other grades please wait at the designated sign.

● Walkers - parents meeting their children at the front of the school will be asked to wait outside. Please use the crosswalks and follow the directions of the crossing guards.

● All students must be picked up by 2:55 each day. This helps ensure teachers can be on time for scheduled meetings or parent appointments after school. If you are running late due to an emergency, please contact the front office at 512-570-5800. Students not picked up by 2:55 will need to be signed out in the front office.


Traffic flow will be restricted through our front parking lot during times of high pedestrian traffic (before and after school).

● Traffic cones will be placed across the middle of the parking lot between the times of 7:00 am - 7:35 am and 2:20 pm-3:00 pm.

● Handicap parking will also be available for parents when they have an inside appointment during these times. Please call the front office if you need access to the parking lot once cones are in place.

● Anyone parking in the front lot during these times will need to wait until the cones have been removed to exit the lot or exit out of the east entrance.

● All families who are dropping off or picking up kids in their vehicles need to use the car rider lane on the west side of the building or park on the street if getting out of their car to pick up their students.


All pets will be prohibited on campus during school hours and during entry and dismissal times of


● As much as we love animals, many students are allergic to pets or may just be afraid of them. There is also no easy way for staff or parents to determine if a dog, for example, enjoys a crowd of kids or may get upset and behave in an unsafe manner.

● Please find a way to keep your pet safely at home or in your vehicle during drop-off and pick-up times.

● This guideline does not apply to certified service dogs.


● Please do not make u-turns along Brighton Bend Lane during arrival and dismissal times.

● Thank you for respecting our crosswalks by keeping them clear and listening to the directions of our crossing guards.

● Watch your speed limit while driving in the school zone.

● Cell phones are prohibited in school zones.

Questions or special requests can be made by discussing (ahead of time) with Mr. Brown or Mrs. Kozlowski.

Traffic Flow Map
Parking Map